Up-tight experience food, drinks, music & movies

The production: up-tight experience tells the story in three parts about the collaboration between musician Lou Reed and multi-media artist Andy Warhol during the ‘Silver Factory’, Warhol’s studio in New York (1963 – 1967) and the second ‘Factory’ (1968 – 1973). It was at that time where the word ‘Underground’ was first linked to avant-garde films and music. Especially the dualism in personalities and conflicts played an important role as inspiration for both artists. Reed’s lyrics in particular highlight issues that are still relevant today, such as gender identity, sexuality and drug-related issues. Berlin, the then shared city, was used by Reed as a metaphor for his dualism. Warhol enlisted actors, drag queens, drug addicts, musicians and freethinkers who became known as the Warhol Superstars to act in his dualism and productions. These helped him create his paintings and silkscreens, starred in his films and created the atmosphere that made the Silver Factory legendary.

Production can be carried out in either one day or two days:

One day performance:

Part 1: screening of one movie

Part 2: concert Berlin [Synchronized] (large line-up)

Part 3: Food & Drinks: Andy’s Menu

Two days performance:

Part 1: screening of one or two movies per day

Part 2: performance of a concert with a small line-up (day1.) performance concert Berlin [Synchronized] (large line-up, day 2.)

Part 3: Food & Drinks: Andy’s menu (both days)