After CONTEXT, visual artist Emiel Sikkema returns after eighteen years with new multimedia productions dedicated to Lou Reed, titled Berlin [Synchronized]. Reed and John Cale, as composers and lyricists, have been great inspirators for Sikkema for years, both during the Velvet Underground period and with Andy Warhol.

Dark Ravens Of Dance

In this production Sikkema participates as visual artist, singer and guitarist and after thirty-five years plays again together with guitarist Wieko Timersma. Both are two former members of the Groningen band Dark Ravens of Dance, (with Peter Smidt as singer, among others), founded in 1979. This innovative band existed for a few years, until about 1984. They performed regularly in Groningen, among other things as support act for The Sound and Psychedelic Furs. They also performed in discotheque de Koer in Amsterdam, where Eddy De Clerq, nestor of the Dutch House Music, worked as a programmer. In 2016 De Clerq released music by Amsterdam and Dutch post-punk bands that performed in the Koer (Plus Instruments, Mekanik Komando, Minny Pops, Nasmak, Soviet Sex and Dark Ravens of Dance).